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    Nearly 30 years
    starting,buying,and building small and middle-market businesses across a broad range of industries.


    Acquisition - Venture Development - Consulting

    We make direct investments as an Independent Sponsor in lower middle-market companies across a broad range of industries in collaboration primarily with Family Offices and High Net Worth Individuals. Acquisition financing sources and partners also include Private Equity and Private Lending firms.

    We work hard to develop and nurture relationships with Investors who are actively investing in and funding the acquisitions of middle-market companies, and with the professionals who support these transactions and the continued operations of portfolio companies.

    Previous and Current Projects and Portfolio Companies in:






    Financial Services


    For Business Owners and Intermediaries who want to talk about a Business for Sale, we are confidential and discreet.  We are interested primarily in Manufacturing, Industrial and Service Companies with $2mm - $10mm EBITDA, but we will happily discuss individual situations that may present special opportunities or difficulties.

    We are particularly interested in Family businesses where the Owner/Seller has as a primary goal, the preservation of family values and an ongoing supportive environment for the employees who helped to build their businesses, and where our 

    values and goals are aligned.

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